• Ink was born out of the writing process for Brother Bleed Brother – the hook from Ink is lifted directly from Brother.
  • Matt Embree of RX Bandits provided backing vocals for Letters To You and Waiting on Falling Into Place.
  • On Reduced to Teeth, Marc Allen used a bathtub to record the additional percussion for the bridge.
  • The band wanted, and fought hard for the lead single from Say Hello To Sunshine to be Ink, they were overruled by MCA who wanted Bitemarks And Bloodstains
  • Nobody knows the true lyrics to all of Daryl’s second verse in Project Mayhem.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the band did not start out as a Deftones cover band.
  • Daryl did not give Nate screaming lessons. Ever
  • Jason Cupp suggested ‘Say Hello To Sunshine’ as the album title. It stuck